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Kottakkal Vidya Bhavan English Medium School was established in 1998, functioning at Amapara at the outskirts of Ayurveda City of Kottakkal in Malappuram District. The school is located in about 3.3 acres of eco friendly distinct serene area surrounded by a beautiful green belt- an ambience eminently suitable for learning.

This institution is the brain child of Kottakkal Vidya Bhavan Charitable Society and is affiliated to CBSE Delhi & BVN Kerala- Kerala Chapter of Vidya Bharathi New Delhi. The school now proudly embraces 350 students.

Malappuram is the 50th most populous among India’s 640 districts, with a population density of 1158 inhabitants per square kilometer. Its population growth rate from 2001 to 2011 is 13.39 %.

The district has a rich and eventful history. It was the military headquarters of the Zamorins (samoothiri) of Kozhikode since ancient times. It was a famous centre for Hindu – Vedic learning and a place of cultural heritage. The temples of this district are well known for their spectacular festivals. Along with historic moments and diverse natural attractions, a range of cultural and ritual art forms added to its value. The district includes Thirunavaya, the classic medieval center of Vedic learning & Kottakkal, home of Ayurvedic medicine.

During the 18th century, the de facto Mysore kingdom rulers Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan marched into the Samoothiris’ districts. Most of the temples were destroyed and many of the devotees were brutally murdered as the wheels of their chariot rolled through the heart of Malappuram, resulting in diminishing the cultural and traditional heritage. The results of the same are still haunting us.

In the Educational field, meticulously guided by Vidhya Bharathi, Newdelhi & Bharatheeya Vidya Nikethan, Kerala, we are playing a pivotal role in bringing back the cultural heritage and tradition through our inimitable “man making educational system”.

The BVN education prospect is multidisciplinary which brings various branches of learning together. The entire system has been developed on the vedic principle of education – “the divine light that would liberate the child from all bondages and lead to identify her/his real self”. The unique multidisciplinary panchamukhi padhathi attempts to unfold the child’s inner perfection and results in samagra vikas of the child. The five aspects like Sanskrit, Sangeeth, Sareerik Sikshan, Yoga & Naithik (value based education) are incorporated in this module. The Chathur Bhasha Padhathi (Malayalam, Sanskrit, Hindi & English) has been accepted far and wide by public irrespective of politics and religion.

There are 1,472 schools in Malappuram District including 254 high schools. Majority of the schools, technical institutions and colleges are owned by Muslim Managements. There are 9545 Madrasas which are actively participating in strengthening and broadening Muslim Religion. These Madrasas are getting enormous fund for the salary of Moulavis (Arabic Teachers) @ 6000 and 12000 per month for infrastructural development from State and Central Governments. The political scenario prevailed in Kerala for the past years and inflow of Gulf money was favorable to these aggressive activities in all fields. This adversely affected our progress and survival. Therefore to ensure credibility and sustainability for all us who watch our growth, we have to strike hard and also to face the money, muscle & political machinery of Macaulay, Marx and Madrassas ie “3M” challenge.

Kottakkal Vidya Bhavan English Medium School has planned to go ahead with urgent infrastructural developments in order to instill confidence in to the minds of parents and public. The lack of physical facilities affects the inflow of students in the school and the consequential development. With the percentage of Hindu population at 27 we find it difficult to raise sufficient funds from our co travelers.

In this scenario we humbly submit our project report and appeal to assist us & also motivate any philanthropists or likeminded agencies for helping us achieve this noble cause.

Soliciting your blessing and further guidelines and also welcome you to have a visit to Kerala with your family to this Ayurvedic City.

Sri. V.M. Sundaresan Unni              Mr. Krishna Kumar                      Sri. Adv. N.T. Karthikeyan IRS

Secretary,                                                      Manager,                                              President,

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